Planned Workouts and scheduled races

Every Wednesday: Bigfoot Cycle Workout (Dali) 5:15 am
Every Saturday: Bigfoot Swim Workout (Dali) 6:00 am

8/28 Vision Bigfoot Duathlon (Qingshui) 8:00 am
9/4 Taiwan P.E. University Cup 5000m 4:00 pm
10/1 Beauty of Taidong Triathlon (Olympic Distance) 8:00 am
10/30 Gaomei Wetland Marathon (Qingshui) - (Marathon distance) 6:00 am
11/5 NeverStop West Coast Bike Race (200km) 5:00 am *
11/13 Taoyuan National Marathon (Marathon distance) - TBA 11/20 Mizono Marathon Relay
12/18 Fubon Taipei Marathon (Marathon distance) 7:00 am (Boston Marathon qualifying attempt)

* reconsidering the NeverStop race due to the date change to November, which would result in four race weekends (perhaps five if the Supau Cup is on 11/27) in a row.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

China and Her Friends

Of course you know the maxim that you judge someone my the friends that they keep. Well, shouldn't we also judge the governments of states by the friends that they keep? Of course, with the visit of Sudan's Omar al-Bashir, China's choice of friends once again comes under the spotlight. Al-Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity relating to activities in the region of Darfur. However, we should all remember that this is not China's only good friend.

Remember, China's other good friends include the likes of the DPRK (North Korea), Burma (Myanmar - the state that denied permission for outsiders to help people suffering from a devastating cyclone), Pakistan (yeah, the state that harbored Osama bin Laden), Iran (who wants to wipe Israel off the map), Zimbabwe (Mugabe having run that country into the ground after driving white farmers out of the country), Cuba and Venezuela (you know, that Chavez guy who has expropriated private property and shut down the opposition). Those are China's best friends. Yes China, we ARE judging you by the friends that you keep.

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