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Friday, July 8, 2011

The assault on Lee continues

The KMT just seems to not be able to let up. We all know that the KMT has its own interesting version of history, but premier and KMT vice presidential candidate Wu Den-yih has yet another fascinating perspective on history. According to Wu, Lee Tung-hui, the Father of Democracy in Taiwan, is also largely responsible for Black Gold politics in Taiwan. This has been reported by both the Taipei Times and the China Post.

It is well known that many criminal organizations came to Taiwan along with the KMT as it was fleeing from the Communists in China in the late 1940s. To this day, leaders in Taiwan's criminal underground have frequently been associated with KMT political figures. It is the KMT who continues to take advantage of the questionably gained assets during the era of the one-Party State prior to Lee bringing democracy to the country. It is the KMT who had five legislators in the past few years removed from the Legislative Yuan due to vote buying and a sixth due to a decade and a half of illegally holding a governmental post due to citizen issues. It is clear to anyone thinking through this with a sober mind that there is one party that is to blame for the vast majority of Black Gold politics in Taiwan.

The KMT appears to be getting increasingly desparate. The deep blues are chomping at the bit to get Lee in jail, but the reality is that the majority of the people of Taiwan see this exactly for what it appears to be -- a political vendetta designed to influence the elections in January. Only the Taiwanese people, with open minds and a commitment to democracy, can make sure that this is not an effective strategy.

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  1. They blame Lee for "starting" the black gold trend because any person in power before him could in fact take money at will using questionable methods, but it was done at all levels. Its funny how the KMT uses corruption and black gold as means to attack the DPP when KMT has such a infamous history in corruption, and other inhumane acts such as hiring gangsters to threaten people or kill (陳啟禮). The United Bamboo Gang was really just the puppet of the KMTs back in the day. Anyways, lets drag James Soong into the discussion of black gold and maybe we can talk..

    What's even more ironic is that former President Lee is a product of the KMT, spent almost his whole political career as a KMT. The tactic to worsen the image of the DPP with this is just so flawed in itself. I really hope the Taiwanese people call see the "truth" behind this. Don't get me wrong, he should receive justice for any illegal activities that he has done, but so should others; there should be no bias and unfair treatment in the justice system to such extreme extent! Let's review all the ex-major KMT powers and see how they came up with the money for their luxurious lifestyles and then it would be fair.