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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blue/China supporters and their comments

library in Tanzi district in Taichung City - the kind of place some of the pro-blue and red types need to spend more time in

A couple of years back, I made a few rebuttal videos in response to a debate on various issues to do with China. There have been some responses to those videos by those who support the KMT in Taiwan as well as the Communist government of China. Here is a sampling of those comments and my responses.

from wutuanmu

When DPP was in power, GDP growth negative, unemployment was high. When KMT return to power, GDP growth positive, unemployment begin to drop. KMT rock and DPP suck. Just that simple. Stupid foreigner no nothing about TW and has no right to comment.

This is simply dead wrong. During Chen's second term, Taiwan's economic growth was both solid and consistant:
2007 - 5.983
2006 - 5.437
2005 - 4.703
2004 - 6.19

During the first two years of the Ma administration, growth was either stagnant or negative, despite the 633 promise.

2009 - -1.926
2008 - 0.73

2010 was much better, but it is easier to be better when you go negative the previous year. And the performance is still far short of the economy in the Chen years.

2010 - 10.823

Also, during the Chen administration, inflation was under control. Now, inflation is a serious problem for many, especially because that economic growth in 2010 was mainly flowing to the wealthy in Taiwanese society. The middle class and poor saw little to none of it, but are at the first line of facing the very real spectre of inflation.

This guy also indicates that he may be a racist and says that I have no right to comment as I am both ignorant and a foreigner. Well, just because I am a foreigner doesn't mean I don't have the right to comment. This is indicative of racism and someone with a losing argument. And you proved your own ignornace with the economic content of your post. Thanks for playing. Did you get your wumao for the comment?

from popotb - account since closed

this guy is nuts and obessed with hating China. He is very jealous of it as well. Don't listen to his B.S. He is a no buddy, just another ignorant KKK. How can you stand the way he looks when he talks?
Another racist comment. Just because someone does not like China's government, and with good reason, doesn't make someone part of the KKK. And there is 'ignorant' again. It seems they have no argument, so they have to call others racist and ignorant. Real compelling arguments they have, don't they?

from tiji2005

oh yeah, taiwan is part of china, lol
kmt is a party of china, stupid, lol

Well, thanks for confirming that the KMT is a party of China. We kind of already knew that, which is why people who love Taiwan do not like the KMT. However, Taiwan as a part of China? You need to understand international law and history a little better than you do obviously, because I have a feeling you would not be able to cite a treaty by which sovereignty over Taiwan was transferred to China following the surrender of Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty in 1895. And he calls me stupid. lol

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