Planned Workouts and scheduled races

Every Wednesday: Bigfoot Cycle Workout (Dali) 5:15 am
Every Saturday: Bigfoot Swim Workout (Dali) 6:00 am

8/28 Vision Bigfoot Duathlon (Qingshui) 8:00 am
9/4 Taiwan P.E. University Cup 5000m 4:00 pm
10/1 Beauty of Taidong Triathlon (Olympic Distance) 8:00 am
10/30 Gaomei Wetland Marathon (Qingshui) - (Marathon distance) 6:00 am
11/5 NeverStop West Coast Bike Race (200km) 5:00 am *
11/13 Taoyuan National Marathon (Marathon distance) - TBA 11/20 Mizono Marathon Relay
12/18 Fubon Taipei Marathon (Marathon distance) 7:00 am (Boston Marathon qualifying attempt)

* reconsidering the NeverStop race due to the date change to November, which would result in four race weekends (perhaps five if the Supau Cup is on 11/27) in a row.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back into the pool

Triathlons are a lot of fun. Putting three sports together and doing them without a break is a challenge, but an enjoyable one. Finishing a triathlon is an accomplishment for anyone. However, there always seems to be one leg that most athletes are not as good at as the others. For me, it is clearly the swim.

Dali Swimming Pool in Dali District, Taichung City

I am going to spend the next three months before my next triathlon working on the swim. I started that this morning by getting up at 5:00 am to have a light breakfast before getting on the bike to the pool in Dali for the club workout. It was a beautiful morning to get into the water, so just after 6:00 I got into the water and began my 2500m free swim. For most of it, I just wanted to get reacquainted with the water. For the last 500m, I worked on my breathing, specifically, going four strokes between breaths rather than two. I was able to do that much better today than in the past. It is my goal to do the entire 1500 meters in the lake at four strokes per breath.

After the free swim, we all did kick only work. I did 150 meters. Legs were a little tired after that. Then, 200 meters of kicking with swim strokes every six kicks. After that, 2 sets of 4 reps of 15 meter hard sprints. I feel like I am going a little faster, but I still have so much more work to do in the water.

I was very pleased to finally get our new triathlon uniform after the workout. I am looking forward to wearing that in our next race.

Me standing in my new triathlon suit

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